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Prime Numbers
These problems provide practice with identifying prime numbers, and may also contain concepts of prime factorization and composite numbers.

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Birthday Probability - Kristina Lasher & Lisa Lavelle
Math Fundamentals, difficulty level 3. What is the likelihood that someone is born on an even or odd day of the month? Are you more likely to be born on a prime number day or a multiple of 3? ... more>>

Cicada Circus - Kristina Lasher and special thanks to John Cooley
Math Fundamentals, difficulty level 2. Use the table of information about periodical cicadas to figure out when the next time is that there will be three years in a row without an emergence. ... more>>

Five Digits of Fun - Lisa Lavelle
Math Fundamentals, difficulty level 4. Find a five-digit number based on these clues. ... more>>

Four Playful Mathematicians - inspired by Maria Fung's class at Western Oregon
Math Fundamentals, difficulty level 2. Follow the clues to help the four playful mathematicians return the lost watch. ... more>>

In Their Prime - Claire Mead
Math Fundamentals, difficulty level 2. Use the clues about multiples and primes to figure out how old Jonathan and Hazel are. ... more>>

Jellybean Fractions - Lisa Lavelle
Elementary, difficulty level 2. Determine good and bad choices in playing the Jellybean Fractions Game. ... more>>

Summer Shoe Leftovers - Teaching the Young Learner Group
Math Fundamentals, difficulty level 4. Determine which of the leftover shoes might satisfy three shoppers' needs. ... more>>

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