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Construction, Locus
Constructions using straightedge and compass are an important part of every standard geometry curriculum. The solutions to problems in this section require students to describe the process of construction and/or the result of a series of constructions.

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A Carpenter's Trisection - Annie Fetter
Geometry, difficulty level 3. Explain whether or not the given method of trisecting an angle, using only a carpenter's square, really works. ... more>>

Constructing a Tangent - Annie Fetter
Geometry, difficulty level 3. Explain why this construction of a tangent works. ... more>>

Off on a Tangent - Annie Fetter
Geometry, difficulty level 3. Figure out how to construct the required figure. ... more>>

Point P Perambulates - Annie Fetter
Geometry, difficulty level 3. Find the length of the path of a vertex of an equilateral triangle as that triangle rotates around the inside of a square. ... more>>

Proving PD - Annie Fetter
Geometry, difficulty level 3. AOD is a diameter of the circle with center O. B is any point on the circle that isn't A or D. A tangent is drawn to the circle at point B. A line is drawn through O parallel to AB, meeting the tangent at P. Prove that PD is a tangent to the circle. ... more>>

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