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Notes on the Geometry Problems
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The Geometry Problem of the Week has been an ongoing project at the Math Forum since December of 1993. Problems run from September through May (a typical American school year), and are targeted at students who are taking a "standard" high school geometry course at the time of their participation. The problems vary greatly in difficulty (see Coding for Level of Difficulty), and include typical, but rich, geometry questions, puzzles, classic problems, and applications.

The problems used for the Geometry Problem of the Week have been put in categories based on the sorts of problems a high school geometry teacher would want to use with students studying a particular topic. Problems found in a category will not require knowledge that is usually learned after that topic is typically studied. For example, many of the problems require a knowledge of lines and angles, but the problems in the lines and angles category don't require further knowledge of geometry topics.

Similarly, problems have been placed in the categories where they might be expected to show up: while you can use right triangle trigonometry to figure out a number of right triangle problems, if those problems don't talk about angle measures, they'll be categorized as Pythagorean theorem or special right triangle problems. Problems in the triangle category address the properties of general and specific triangles, but don't use the Pythagorean theorem or special right triangle concepts.

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