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Middle School: Volume

In grades 6-8, students explore the relations among similar objects, solving problems that link length, perimeter, area, and volume. To do so, students learn to calculate the volume of a variety of objects.

Problems that allow middle-school students to practice finding the volume of three-dimensional objects are listed below. They address the NCTM Geometry Standard for Grades 6-8 expectation that students will be able to analyze characteristics and properties of two- and three-dimensional geometric shapes and develop mathematical arguments about geometric relationships.

For background information elsewhere on our site, explore the Middle School Geometry area of the Ask Dr. Math archives. For relevant sites on the Web, browse and search Higher-Dimensional Geometry in our Internet Mathematics Library; to find middle-school sites, go to the bottom of the page, set the searcher for middle school (6-8), and press the Search button.

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Accuracy Please - Judy Ann Brown
Pre-Algebra, difficulty level 3. Considering precision, accuracy, and appropriateness in finding the volume of a cone. ... more>>

Cubic Changes - Lisa Lavelle
Math Fundamentals, difficulty level 4. Determine how the volume and surface area of a cube change when the edge length is changed. ... more>>

The Great Flood - Jon Basden
Elementary, difficulty level 3. How much "flood" water did Mr. Basden clean up with his shop vac? ... more>>

How Big? - Judy Ann Brown
Middle School, difficulty level 1. The dimensions of my classroom are consecutive multiples of ten. Find the dimensions of the room. ... more>>

Milk Madness - Suzanne Alejandre
Pre-Algebra, difficulty level 4. Help Georgina find out how much milk is left using the number pattern she describes. ... more>>

New Home for Fibonacci and Fractal - Judy Ann Brown
Pre-Algebra, difficulty level 2. Determine how long it will take Jimal and Leslie to fill the new 15-gallon aquarium. ... more>>

Penny Space - Lisa Lavelle
Math Fundamentals, difficulty level 4. Determine the space needed to store a million pennies. ... more>>

Pi Day - Let's Eat Cake! - Judy Ann Brown
Pre-Algebra, difficulty level 3. In honor of Pi Day we will be comparing the volumes of slices taken from round and rectangular cakes. ... more>>

Pi Day Treats - Judy Ann Brown
Pre-Algebra, difficulty level 3. Help Mrs. Granville and Mrs. Germain plan a Pi Day celebration. ... more>>

Three-dimensional Television - Mr. Marthinsen's Geometry Class
Pre-Algebra, difficulty level 3. Help my friend find which TV will fit snugly into her TV nook. ... more>>

Valley Springs Snow Cream - Kelly Crisp
Pre-Algebra, difficulty level 3. Compare the volume of a sphere, cone, and cylinder using ice cream. ... more>>

Volume Experiment - Judy Ann Brown
Math Fundamentals, difficulty level 2. Make a prediction, conduct an experiment, and report your findings. ... more>>

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