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Geometry in Space
Problems in this category require students to describe, classify, and understand the relations that exist among three-dimensional objects. This might include visualizing how to fold a two-dimensional net into a three-dimensional shape.

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3-D Vision - Annie Fetter
Pre-Algebra, difficulty level 3. When you fold up the given net of a cube, what shape is formed by the segments on the faces of the cube? ... more>>

Box of Boxes - Suzanne Alejandre
Pre-Algebra, difficulty level 2. Given information about the surface area, find the dimensions of the large box. Also, find how many small boxes fit inside the large box. ... more>>

Building a Snow Statue - Judy Ann Brown
Pre-Algebra, difficulty level 3. Determine the height of a snow statue using the given information. ... more>>

Chocolate, Orange, Mega-mint Swirl - Fitzgerald's Spring 2000 Class C
Pre-Algebra, difficulty level 4. How many half-gallon cartons of ice cream can fit in the freezer? ... more>>

Geo in Jeopardy - Richard Tchen
Pre-Algebra, difficulty level 3. Find the dimensions of the three-dimensional phone booth. ... more>>

Pi Day - Let's Eat Cake! - Judy Ann Brown
Pre-Algebra, difficulty level 3. In honor of Pi Day we will be comparing the volumes of slices taken from round and rectangular cakes. ... more>>

Pi Day Treats - Judy Ann Brown
Pre-Algebra, difficulty level 3. Help Mrs. Granville and Mrs. Germain plan a Pi Day celebration. ... more>>

Valentine's Day Candy - Suzanne Alejandre
Pre-Algebra, difficulty level 2. How many individually boxed candies did Eddie buy? ... more>>

Valley Springs Snow Cream - Kelly Crisp
Pre-Algebra, difficulty level 3. Compare the volume of a sphere, cone, and cylinder using ice cream. ... more>>

Wraparound Universe - Jeff Weeks
Pre-Algebra, difficulty level 4. Explore the game of tic-tac-toe using a cylindrical tic-tac-toe board. ... more>>

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