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Number Patterns and Sequences
Problems in this category reinforce the structure of our number system and develop students´┐Ż ability to make predictions.

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Apple Celebration -
Grade 1. Figure out the growth pattern of a tree to predict its future height. ... more>>

Catching Minnows -
Grade 2. Figure out how many minnows Anna will catch if she continues a pattern. ... more>>

Clowning Around -
Grade 1. Use repeated addition to find out how many balls the clowns are juggling. ... more>>

Cupcake Combinations -
Grade K. Extend a pattern of cupcakes. ... more>>

Goody Bags -
Grade 2. How many red and green gumdrops will Antonia put in each goody bag if she wants each goody bag to be different? ... more>>

Gym Line
Grade K. Identify a pattern and use it to figure out who's next in line. ... more>>

How Far Will Taylor Run? -
Grade 2. Follow a pattern to figure out how far Taylor can run without stopping. ... more>>

How Tall Is Your Tower? -
Grade 1. Identify the pattern and use it to answer some questions about a row of block towers. ... more>>

I Can Skip Count -
Grade 1. Find the next numbers in the pattern. ... more>>

Ice Cream Sandwiches -
Grade K. Find out how many cookies Ariana needs to make enough treats for her friends. ... more>>

I See a Pattern -
Grade K. What is the next number in the sequence? ... more>>

Magic More Machine -
Grade K. Figure out what the Magic More Machine does when you put fruits and veggies into it. ... more>>

Picture This -
Grade 2. Find out how many pictures Isabel will finish if she keeps drawing more each day. ... more>>

Playing with Patterns -
Grade 1. Find the next numbers in the pattern. ... more>>

Saul's Cupcakes -
Grade K. Figure out how many cupcakes Saul will put on the fifth plate. ... more>>

Snow Globes -
Grade 2. Follow a pattern to figure out how many snow globes Angie will place on her shelves. ... more>>

The Arm-Wrestling Match -
Grade 2. How many arm-wrestling matches will take place in a contest between six friends? ... more>>

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