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The Primary Problems are designed for those students in grades K-2. The problems cover much of the same material as the NCTM Standards for Grades Pre-K-2.

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A Day at Camp -
Grade 2. Figure out a camper's schedule for the day. ... more>>

Add or Subtract? -
Grade 2. Find the answer to a question and then settle a disagreement between two friends. ... more>>

A Game of Dice -
Grade K. Find out who rolled a higher number in a dice game. ... more>>

Ants on a Bun -
Grade K. Find out how many ants were at a picnic. ... more>>

Apple Celebration -
Grade 1. Figure out the growth pattern of a tree to predict its future height. ... more>>

A Summer Garden -
Grade 2. Figure out the number of sunflowers in a garden. ... more>>

A Trip to the Ballpark -
Grade 2. Figure out how many blocks Kevin walked between his home and the park. ... more>>

At the Bake Sale -
Grade 1. What can you can buy at the bake sale with the money you have? ... more>>

At the Fair -
Grade 2. Find the different ways you can earn enough points to win a toy. ... more>>

At the Grocery Store -
Grade 1. Find combinations of fruit Katie could buy so that she has the same amount of fruit as Jackson. ... more>>

A Walk to the Park -
Grade K. Find the total number of blocks Tom walked. ... more>>

Baby Birds -
Grade K. Find out how many baby birds are left in the nest. ... more>>

Back to School -
Grade 2. Figure out how many packs of pencils Mr. Gonzalez needs for his class. ... more>>

Balloon Fun -
Grade K. Find out the number of balloons two friends have in all. ... more>>

Bat-tastic! -
Grade 1. Figure out the combined wingspans of some friends in bat costumes. ... more>>

Batter Up! -
Grade 2. Use clues to figure out the correct batting order for a baseball team. ... more>>

Ben's Ice Cream Cone -
Grade 1. Find the different types of ice cream treats Ben can get. ... more>>

Birthday at the Ballpark -
Grade 2. Figure out how many car trips it will take for all of the friends to get to the ballpark. ... more>>

Birthday Cake -
Grade K. Draw a picture of a cake and divide it into equal slices. ... more>>

Book Club -
Grade K. Figure out how many more books Ben has to read. ... more>>

Bubblegum -
Grade 2. Divide pieces of bubblegum equally among three sisters. ... more>>

Building a Fence -
Grade 2. Figure out how many feet of fencing Mrs. Martinez needs around her vegetable garden. ... more>>

Building a Tower
Grade K. How many blocks has Ming put on Ali's tower? ... more>>

Bus Stop -
Grade K. Figure out what time Sally leaves for the bus. ... more>>

Catching Minnows -
Grade 2. Figure out how many minnows Anna will catch if she continues a pattern. ... more>>

Charlie's Gumballs -
Grade 2. How many gumballs does Charlie have left after sharing them with his friends? ... more>>

Clean-up Time -
Grade 1. Figure out how many pencils are left on the floor after some have been picked up. ... more>>

Clowning Around -
Grade 1. Use repeated addition to find out how many balls the clowns are juggling. ... more>>

Color Competition -
Grade K. Use a chart to determine the results of a color popularity contest. ... more>>

Colorful Candies -
Grade K. Find out how many blue candies Sam has. ... more>>

Counting Cars -
Grade K. Show how Maya can use tallies to count the number of cars that drove down her street. ... more>>

Counting Comics -
Grade 1. How many comic books does Sondra have? ... more>>

Counting Gumballs -
Grade K. Figure out how many extra gumballs Steve has. ... more>>

Counting Shells -
Grade 2. Use the clues to figure out how many shells Jack has. ... more>>

Count Them Up -
Grade 1. Write a number sentence to explain how many pennies Darryl has. ... more>>

Cupcake Combinations -
Grade K. Extend a pattern of cupcakes. ... more>>

Decorating Cookies -
Grade 1. Find out what type of sprinkles Roger will put on the cookies he is baking. ... more>>

Different Shapes -
Grade K. Compare some shapes and say how they are different. ... more>>

Dog Packs -
Grade 2. Figure out how many dogs were in each of 3 packs before more dogs joined them. ... more>>

Donut Sale -
Grade 1. Figure out how much Geneva has to spend for 8 donuts. ... more>>

Donuts on a Tray -
Grade 2. Help Glenda to figure out how to arrange snacks on a tray in equal rows. ... more>>

Drumsticks -
Grade 1. Figure out how many drumsticks the band needs. ... more>>

Earning Money -
Grade 1. Answer questions about doing chores to earn allowance. ... more>>

Field Day -
Grade 1. Use addition to find out how much time Sofia spent running races. ... more>>

Flower Fun -
Grade 1. Figure out how many pink tulips Michelle will give to her grandmother. ... more>>

Fourth of July -
Grade 2. Figure out how many hot dogs and hot dog buns a mom needs to buy for a barbecue. ... more>>

Getting Allowance -
Grade 1. Find ways to make 50 cents using different coins. ... more>>

Get Yer Popcorn! -
Grade 2. Add and subtract money and compare prices of snacks at the school play. ... more>>

Going Shopping -
Grade K. Which coins should you use to buy a pencil? ... more>>

Goldfish Galore -
Grade 1. Divide 20 goldfish evenly between two friends. ... more>>

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