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The Primary Problems are designed for those students in grades K-2. The problems cover much of the same material as the NCTM Standards for Grades Pre-K-2.

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Playing with Patterns -
Grade 1. Find the next numbers in the pattern. ... more>>

Pocket Change -
Grade K. Figure out which coins three friends have in their pockets. ... more>>

Pretzel Riddle -
Grade K. Determine the number of pretzels in a lunchbox. ... more>>

Prize Box -
Grade K. Find out how many tickets Manuela needs in order to choose something from the prize box. ... more>>

Puppies for Sale -
Grade 1. Determine how many puppies are in the crates. ... more>>

Reading Superstars -
Grade 2. Figure out how many stars each student earned for giving book talks. ... more>>

Recycling -
Grade 2. Use data about a school's recycling project to create a graph. ... more>>

Rock Garden -
Grade 2. Figure out how much some rocks weigh. ... more>>

Rock Patterns -
Grade 2. Arrange 4 different kinds of rocks to make a pattern. ... more>>

Saul's Cupcakes -
Grade K. Figure out how many cupcakes Saul will put on the fifth plate. ... more>>

Saving Up -
Grade 2. Figure out how much money Jackie saves after three weeks of babysitting. ... more>>

Seashells by the Seashore -
Grade 2. Use subtraction and compare numbers of seashells in the Smith twins' collections. ... more>>

Ship-Shape -
Grade K. Order the shapes from least sides to most sides. ... more>>

Snack Time! -
Grade 1. Figure out how many graham crackers are needed to feed three friends. ... more>>

Snow Day! -
Grade 1. Figure out how many mittens the Lee children need. ... more>>

Snow Globes -
Grade 2. Follow a pattern to figure out how many snow globes Angie will place on her shelves. ... more>>

Snowy Footprints -
Grade 2. Find out how many steps Malik walks while stamping a giant rectangle in the snow. ... more>>

Soccer Madness -
Grade K. Compare the number of goals scored and order them from least to greatest. ... more>>

Spin Art -
Grade 2. Figure out how many more bottles of purple paint Marcus and Lyle need so they don't run out before the school fair ends. ... more>>

Spring Day -
Grade 1. Figure out how long it took Michael and Matty to bike to the end of the path. ... more>>

Summer Days -
Grade 1. Use your knowledge of time and money to answer some questions about a lemonade stand. ... more>>

Grade 1. Help the superhero figure out how many laps he's done. ... more>>

Thanksgiving Day -
Grade K. Use a calendar to count how many more days there are until Thanksgiving. ... more>>

The Arm-Wrestling Match -
Grade 2. How many arm-wrestling matches will take place in a contest between six friends? ... more>>

The Card Game -
Grade 2. Figure out how many dots are on each card in Suki's card game. ... more>>

The Class Play -
Grade 2. Figure out how many ways 12 chairs can be placed in equal rows. ... more>>

The Cookout -
Grade 2. Find out how many burgers Ali cooks at the cookout. ... more>>

The Eagle and the Bear -
Grade 1. Figure out how many fish the eagle has to catch to tie the bear in their fishing contest. ... more>>

The Morning Bus -
Grade 1. Find out if Beth will make it to the school bus on time. ... more>>

The Pond -
Grade 1. Solve a multi-step problem to figure out how many geese are left in the pond. ... more>>

The Sandwich Choice -
Grade 1. Figure out which kind of sandwich two friends will choose at the store. ... more>>

The Snake's Next Meal -
Grade K. Use your understanding of the calendar to figure out when the snake will eat again. ... more>>

The Sticker Collection -
Grade K. Determine how many stickers David has, based on how many stickers his sister has. ... more>>

The Van Ride -
Grade 1. Help four friends decide where to sit in a new van. ... more>>

The Yard Sale -
Grade K. Which two things can you buy at a yard sale with 9 pennies? ... more>>

Time for Ice Cream! -
Grade K. Figure out which of three ice cream treats Chen prefers. ... more>>

Trading Card Price Tag -
Grade 2. How much is Richie's Red Sox card worth? ... more>>

Trail Mix -
Grade 2. Help Samantha double a recipe for trail mix. ... more>>

Trolls and Dogs -
Grade 2. Figure out how wide 2 stuffed animals are. ... more>>

Try It Out -
Grade K. Show the number 10 in different ways. ... more>>

Tug-of-War -
Grade 2. Figure out which team has the advantage in a game of tug-of-war. ... more>>

Up, Up, and Away! -
Grade 2. Use fractions to figure out how many yellow balloons the clown has. ... more>>

Warming Up! -
Grade 1. Divide marshmallows equally between Suresh and his sister. ... more>>

What Are the Chances? -
Grade 2. Try to guess which kind of lollipop Sam will get. ... more>>

What Do I Have in My Bag? -
Grade 1. Use the clues to determine what the mystery shape is. ... more>>

Who Has More Apples? -
Grade 1. Figure out how many more apples Alexa has than Tom. ... more>>

Winter Is Coming! -
Grade 2. Figure out how many nuts a squirrel has left. ... more>>

Yoli's Lollipops -
Grade K. Try to guess which color lollipop Yoli will get. ... more>>

Yummy Gummy Bears -
Grade 1. Figure out how many treats each of three friends can have on their way home from school. ... more>>

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