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The Primary Problems are designed for those students in grades K-2. The problems cover much of the same material as the NCTM Standards for Grades Pre-K-2.

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Goody Bags -
Grade 2. How many red and green gumdrops will Antonia put in each goody bag if she wants each goody bag to be different? ... more>>

Growing Up -
Grade K. Figure out how much more I have to grow to be as tall as my dad. ... more>>

Gum for Everyone! -
Grade 1. Can 10 (and then 11) pieces of gum be shared equally among three people? ... more>>

Gym Line
Grade K. Identify a pattern and use it to figure out who's next in line. ... more>>

Hannah's Cookies -
Grade K. Determine how many cookies Jacob has, based on the number of cookies Hannah has. ... more>>

Happy Birthday! -
Grade 1. Use clues to figure out Aaliya's birth date. ... more>>

Helping Hands -
Grade 1. Use fractions to divide some brownies between three classmates. ... more>>

Home On Time -
Grade 2. Figure out if Betsy will be home in time for her favorite cartoon. ... more>>

How Big is 100 Pennies? -
Grade K. Estimate whether 100 pennies can fit on a piece of paper. ... more>>

How Big Is Your Foot? -
Grade K. Figure out how long your foot is and how long "twice as long" would be. ... more>>

How Far Will Taylor Run? -
Grade 2. Follow a pattern to figure out how far Taylor can run without stopping. ... more>>

How Many Berries Did I Eat? -
Grade 1. Reason about whether I ate more blueberries or raspberries. ... more>>

How Many Cookies Can I Buy? -
Grade 2. Find out how many cookies you can buy at the bake shop with the money you have. ... more>>

How Many Pinecones? -
Grade K. Use the information given to figure out how many pinecones Midori has. ... more>>

How Tall Is Your Tower? -
Grade 1. Identify the pattern and use it to answer some questions about a row of block towers. ... more>>

I Can Skip Count -
Grade 1. Find the next numbers in the pattern. ... more>>

Ice Cream Party -
Grade K. Figure out the number friends that cannot come to a birthday party. ... more>>

Ice Cream Sandwiches -
Grade K. Find out how many cookies Ariana needs to make enough treats for her friends. ... more>>

I See a Pattern -
Grade K. What is the next number in the sequence? ... more>>

It's Cold Outside -
Grade K. Figure out what the temperature is outside on a winter day. ... more>>

It's Showtime! -
Grade 2. Decide how Tyrone and Pedro can spend their money at the movie theater. ... more>>

Jordan's Jobs -
Grade 1. Figure out if Jordan has enough money to buy a scooter. ... more>>

Laying Carpet -
Grade 2. Figure out the different sizes that LeBron's rectangular room might be. ... more>>

Letter to Grandma -
Grade 1. Use fractions to figure out the number of folds in a piece of paper. ... more>>

Lining Up for Lunch -
Grade 1. How will four children line up to go to lunch? ... more>>

Lunch Line -
Grade K. Follow a basic alternating pattern to find a given student in line. ... more>>

Magic More Machine -
Grade K. Figure out what the Magic More Machine does when you put fruits and veggies into it. ... more>>

Magic Rabbits -
Grade K. Figure out how many rabbits will appear from the magician's hat. ... more>>

Making Cookies -
Grade K. Help the baker count how many cookies broke in half. ... more>>

Making Sandwiches -
Grade 1. Help Ricardo and Gloria divide their task as fairly as possible. ... more>>

Making Shapes -
Grade K. Use the clues to identify a shape. ... more>>

Model Car Collection -
Grade 1. Help Jackson to arrange his model cars on a shelf. ... more>>

Money Matters -
Grade K. Figure out which items you can buy with 11 cents. ... more>>

More Milk! -
Grade 2. Figure out how many glasses of milk Davin drinks in one week. ... more>>

Name That Shape! -
Grade 2. Figure out what shape Mia has drawn. ... more>>

New Pencils -
Grade K. Figure out how many pencils Paul had before he bought new ones. ... more>>

Not Like the Others -
Grade 1. Look at three shapes and describe how they are different. ... more>>

Number Fun -
Grade 1. Use clues to help Dominic solve a number riddle. ... more>>

Pattern Block Designs -
Grade 1. Follow the instructions to build a pattern block design and explain your choices. ... more>>

Pick 'em Up! -
Grade K. Figure out how many more beads are left on the floor after Sharon picks some of them up. ... more>>

Picking Flowers -
Grade K. Find combinations of flowers that sum to 6. ... more>>

Picnic at the Park -
Grade 2. Figure out how many sandwiches one loaf of bread can make. ... more>>

Picture This -
Grade 2. Find out how many pictures Isabel will finish if she keeps drawing more each day. ... more>>

Pinecones -
Grade 2. Figure out how many pinecones Marissa collected and how many more she needs to make her mother a present. ... more>>

Pizza Night -
Grade 2. Use fractions to answer some questions about a family's pizza dinner. ... more>>

Pizza Predicament -
Grade 1. Divide a pizza equally among four people so that each person gets their favorite topping. ... more>>

Play Ball! -
Grade 1. Figure out how to make kickball teams equal. ... more>>

Play Date -
Grade 1. Figure out how far Jayleen walked. ... more>>

Playground Fun -
Grade K. Figure out how many children are on the monkey bars. ... more>>

Playing Cards -
Grade K. Figure out how many cards are being held through number clues. ... more>>

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