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Combinations and Outcomes
Children learn how to find and represent the possible outcomes of an event by using a systematic approach.

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At the Grocery Store -
Grade 1. Find combinations of fruit Katie could buy so that she has the same amount of fruit as Jackson. ... more>>

Ben's Ice Cream Cone -
Grade 1. Find the different types of ice cream treats Ben can get. ... more>>

Dessert Dilemma -
Grade 2. Find out all the different dessert combinations at Maria's birthday party. ... more>>

Goody Bags -
Grade 2. How many red and green gumdrops will Antonia put in each goody bag if she wants each goody bag to be different? ... more>>

Model Car Collection -
Grade 1. Help Jackson to arrange his model cars on a shelf. ... more>>

The Van Ride -
Grade 1. Help four friends decide where to sit in a new van. ... more>>

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