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Organizing Data
Students explore various ways to organize and represent their data in order to solve a problem, including pictographs, tally charts, bar graphs and line graphs.

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At the Grocery Store -
Grade 1. Find combinations of fruit Katie could buy so that she has the same amount of fruit as Jackson. ... more>>

Ben's Ice Cream Cone -
Grade 1. Find the different types of ice cream treats Ben can get. ... more>>

Color Competition -
Grade K. Use a chart to determine the results of a color popularity contest. ... more>>

Counting Cars -
Grade K. Show how Maya can use tallies to count the number of cars that drove down her street. ... more>>

How Big is 100 Pennies? -
Grade K. Estimate whether 100 pennies can fit on a piece of paper. ... more>>

Lining Up for Lunch -
Grade 1. How will four children line up to go to lunch? ... more>>

Making Sandwiches -
Grade 1. Help Ricardo and Gloria divide their task as fairly as possible. ... more>>

Model Car Collection -
Grade 1. Help Jackson to arrange his model cars on a shelf. ... more>>

Recycling -
Grade 2. Use data about a school's recycling project to create a graph. ... more>>

Saul's Cupcakes -
Grade K. Figure out how many cupcakes Saul will put on the fifth plate. ... more>>

The Arm-Wrestling Match -
Grade 2. How many arm-wrestling matches will take place in a contest between six friends? ... more>>

The Sandwich Choice -
Grade 1. Figure out which kind of sandwich two friends will choose at the store. ... more>>

The Van Ride -
Grade 1. Help four friends decide where to sit in a new van. ... more>>

Time for Ice Cream! -
Grade K. Figure out which of three ice cream treats Chen prefers. ... more>>

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