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Children can use these problems to explore basic concepts of fractions as parts of wholes, or as parts of a collection.

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Birthday Cake -
Grade K. Draw a picture of a cake and divide it into equal slices. ... more>>

Charlie's Gumballs -
Grade 2. How many gumballs does Charlie have left after sharing them with his friends? ... more>>

Goldfish Galore -
Grade 1. Divide 20 goldfish evenly between two friends. ... more>>

Gum for Everyone! -
Grade 1. Can 10 (and then 11) pieces of gum be shared equally among three people? ... more>>

Helping Hands -
Grade 1. Use fractions to divide some brownies between three classmates. ... more>>

Letter to Grandma -
Grade 1. Use fractions to figure out the number of folds in a piece of paper. ... more>>

Making Cookies -
Grade K. Help the baker count how many cookies broke in half. ... more>>

Pizza Night -
Grade 2. Use fractions to answer some questions about a family's pizza dinner. ... more>>

Pizza Predicament -
Grade 1. Divide a pizza equally among four people so that each person gets their favorite topping. ... more>>

Play Ball! -
Grade 1. Figure out how to make kickball teams equal. ... more>>

Reading Superstars -
Grade 2. Figure out how many stars each student earned for giving book talks. ... more>>

Saving Up -
Grade 2. Figure out how much money Jackie saves after three weeks of babysitting. ... more>>

Up, Up, and Away! -
Grade 2. Use fractions to figure out how many yellow balloons the clown has. ... more>>

Warming Up! -
Grade 1. Divide marshmallows equally between Suresh and his sister. ... more>>

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