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Ordering and Comparing
Problems in this area give children practice in determining the relative size of numbers.

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A Game of Dice -
Grade K. Find out who rolled a higher number in a dice game. ... more>>

Color Competition -
Grade K. Use a chart to determine the results of a color popularity contest. ... more>>

Counting Comics -
Grade 1. How many comic books does Sondra have? ... more>>

Earning Money -
Grade 1. Answer questions about doing chores to earn allowance. ... more>>

Growing Up -
Grade K. Figure out how much more I have to grow to be as tall as my dad. ... more>>

How Many Berries Did I Eat? -
Grade 1. Reason about whether I ate more blueberries or raspberries. ... more>>

How Many Pinecones? -
Grade K. Use the information given to figure out how many pinecones Midori has. ... more>>

How Tall Is Your Tower? -
Grade 1. Identify the pattern and use it to answer some questions about a row of block towers. ... more>>

I Can Skip Count -
Grade 1. Find the next numbers in the pattern. ... more>>

It's Cold Outside -
Grade K. Figure out what the temperature is outside on a winter day. ... more>>

Lunch Line -
Grade K. Follow a basic alternating pattern to find a given student in line. ... more>>

Number Fun -
Grade 1. Use clues to help Dominic solve a number riddle. ... more>>

Play Ball! -
Grade 1. Figure out how to make kickball teams equal. ... more>>

Playing Cards -
Grade K. Figure out how many cards are being held through number clues. ... more>>

Playing with Patterns -
Grade 1. Find the next numbers in the pattern. ... more>>

Pretzel Riddle -
Grade K. Determine the number of pretzels in a lunchbox. ... more>>

Saul's Cupcakes -
Grade K. Figure out how many cupcakes Saul will put on the fifth plate. ... more>>

Seashells by the Seashore -
Grade 2. Use subtraction and compare numbers of seashells in the Smith twins' collections. ... more>>

Ship-Shape -
Grade K. Order the shapes from least sides to most sides. ... more>>

Soccer Madness -
Grade K. Compare the number of goals scored and order them from least to greatest. ... more>>

The Morning Bus -
Grade 1. Find out if Beth will make it to the school bus on time. ... more>>

The Yard Sale -
Grade K. Which two things can you buy at a yard sale with 9 pennies? ... more>>

Tug-of-War -
Grade 2. Figure out which team has the advantage in a game of tug-of-war. ... more>>

Warming Up! -
Grade 1. Divide marshmallows equally between Suresh and his sister. ... more>>

Yoli's Lollipops -
Grade K. Try to guess which color lollipop Yoli will get. ... more>>

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