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Subtraction is central to solving these problems, though it may not be the only required operation.

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Add or Subtract? -
Grade 2. Find the answer to a question and then settle a disagreement between two friends. ... more>>

Ants on a Bun -
Grade K. Find out how many ants were at a picnic. ... more>>

A Summer Garden -
Grade 2. Figure out the number of sunflowers in a garden. ... more>>

Baby Birds -
Grade K. Find out how many baby birds are left in the nest. ... more>>

Book Club -
Grade K. Figure out how many more books Ben has to read. ... more>>

Building a Tower
Grade K. How many blocks has Ming put on Ali's tower? ... more>>

Clean-up Time -
Grade 1. Figure out how many pencils are left on the floor after some have been picked up. ... more>>

Colorful Candies -
Grade K. Find out how many blue candies Sam has. ... more>>

Counting Comics -
Grade 1. How many comic books does Sondra have? ... more>>

Counting Gumballs -
Grade K. Figure out how many extra gumballs Steve has. ... more>>

Count Them Up -
Grade 1. Write a number sentence to explain how many pennies Darryl has. ... more>>

Earning Money -
Grade 1. Answer questions about doing chores to earn allowance. ... more>>

Flower Fun -
Grade 1. Figure out how many pink tulips Michelle will give to her grandmother. ... more>>

Fourth of July -
Grade 2. Figure out how many hot dogs and hot dog buns a mom needs to buy for a barbecue. ... more>>

Get Yer Popcorn! -
Grade 2. Add and subtract money and compare prices of snacks at the school play. ... more>>

Goldfish Galore -
Grade 1. Divide 20 goldfish evenly between two friends. ... more>>

Growing Up -
Grade K. Figure out how much more I have to grow to be as tall as my dad. ... more>>

Gum for Everyone! -
Grade 1. Can 10 (and then 11) pieces of gum be shared equally among three people? ... more>>

Hannah's Cookies -
Grade K. Determine how many cookies Jacob has, based on the number of cookies Hannah has. ... more>>

How Many Berries Did I Eat? -
Grade 1. Reason about whether I ate more blueberries or raspberries. ... more>>

Ice Cream Party -
Grade K. Figure out the number friends that cannot come to a birthday party. ... more>>

Jordan's Jobs -
Grade 1. Figure out if Jordan has enough money to buy a scooter. ... more>>

Magic Rabbits -
Grade K. Figure out how many rabbits will appear from the magician's hat. ... more>>

Making Sandwiches -
Grade 1. Help Ricardo and Gloria divide their task as fairly as possible. ... more>>

Money Matters -
Grade K. Figure out which items you can buy with 11 cents. ... more>>

New Pencils -
Grade K. Figure out how many pencils Paul had before he bought new ones. ... more>>

Number Fun -
Grade 1. Use clues to help Dominic solve a number riddle. ... more>>

Pick 'em Up! -
Grade K. Figure out how many more beads are left on the floor after Sharon picks some of them up. ... more>>

Playground Fun -
Grade K. Figure out how many children are on the monkey bars. ... more>>

Prize Box -
Grade K. Find out how many tickets Manuela needs in order to choose something from the prize box. ... more>>

Reading Superstars -
Grade 2. Figure out how many stars each student earned for giving book talks. ... more>>

Seashells by the Seashore -
Grade 2. Use subtraction and compare numbers of seashells in the Smith twins' collections. ... more>>

Snow Globes -
Grade 2. Follow a pattern to figure out how many snow globes Angie will place on her shelves. ... more>>

Summer Days -
Grade 1. Use your knowledge of time and money to answer some questions about a lemonade stand. ... more>>

Grade 1. Help the superhero figure out how many laps he's done. ... more>>

The Cookout -
Grade 2. Find out how many burgers Ali cooks at the cookout. ... more>>

The Eagle and the Bear -
Grade 1. Figure out how many fish the eagle has to catch to tie the bear in their fishing contest. ... more>>

The Pond -
Grade 1. Solve a multi-step problem to figure out how many geese are left in the pond. ... more>>

Trading Card Price Tag -
Grade 2. How much is Richie's Red Sox card worth? ... more>>

Warming Up! -
Grade 1. Divide marshmallows equally between Suresh and his sister. ... more>>

Who Has More Apples? -
Grade 1. Figure out how many more apples Alexa has than Tom. ... more>>

Winter Is Coming! -
Grade 2. Figure out how many nuts a squirrel has left. ... more>>

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