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Trigonometry and Calculus: Perimeter

The concept of perimeter is important at all levels of mathematics. Perimeter plays a key role in creating solutions for the problems listed below.

For background information elsewhere on our site, explore the High School Trigonometry and Calculus areas of the Ask Dr. Math archives. To find relevant sites on the Web, browse and search Trigonometry and Calculus (Single Variable) in our Internet Mathematics Library.

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The Ninja Mission - Steve Earth
Trig/Calc, difficulty level 4. Find the measurement of a spike's angle, given the star's perimeter. ... more>>

The Seal of Dalvek - Steve Earth
Trig/Calc, difficulty level 3. Discover the area of a circular segment based upon its circumference. ... more>>

Squares Inside Squares - Leigh Nataro
Trig/Calc, difficulty level 3. Find the sum of the perimeters of three nesting squares. Imagine that the process of nesting squares continues forever. The sum of the perimeters approaches a finite number. What is that number? ... more>>

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