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  1. Buying Cola - Leon Roland & class
    Pre-Algebra, difficulty level 3. Where should Chuck shop to get the most cola? Is this the best buy? ...more>>

  2. Dishwasher Discounts - Pat Hagan
    Pre-Algebra, difficulty level 2. Purchasing a new dishwasher can involve a lot of math. Help find the best deal. ...more>>

  3. Dividing Daffodils - Suzanne Alejandre
    Pre-Algebra, difficulty level 4. Help us plant our garden of daffodils. ...more>>

  4. Frequent Flier Figuring - Judy Ann Brown
    Math Fundamentals, difficulty level 2. Use Web resources to help plan the shortest route from Allentown, Pennsylvania, to New Orleans, Louisiana. ...more>>

  5. Office Tile Choice - Judy Ann Brown
    Pre-Algebra, difficulty level 3. Find the total cost of purchasing tiles for my office. ...more>>

  6. Quilting Squares - Suzanne Alejandre
    Pre-Algebra, difficulty level 2. Help with some quick calculations of the amount of fabric needed for this quilt design. ...more>>

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