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  1. Ask Dr. Math FAQ - Math Forum
    Frequently asked questions from the archives of the Math Forum's question and answer service for K-12 math students and their teachers, with classic problems, formulas, and other recommended math sites. more>>

  2. Formulas - Math Forum; Ask Dr. Math FAQ
    Formulas for: Defining Geometric Figures (plane and solid figures, and a note on dimensions); Geometric Formulas (two- and three-dimensional figures: perimeter, area, volume, etc.); Analytic Geometry Formulas (one, two, and three dimensions: points, directions, lines, triangles, polygons, conic sections, general quadratic equations, spheres, etc.); Polar Coordinates (coordinates, points, directions, translations, rotations, lines, triangles, conic sections); Spherical Coordinates (the three coordinates (rho,theta,phi) of any point); Cylindrical Coordinates (the three coordinates (r,theta,z) of any point); and Trigonometry Formulas (definitions, bounds, identities, triangles, inverse functions, etc.)