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  1. Dave's Geometric Pix Gallery - David Joyce; Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science, Clark University
    Mandelbrot and Julia sets, with a generation form and an Explorer on which you can point and click to get more refined images; Newton Basins and a form to generate them; a page describing tiling the hyperbolic plane; some wallpaper groups; a gallery of roulettes; kaleidoscopes, Bowditch patterns, and other miscellaneous pictures. more>>

  2. Gallery of Pseudospheres - Robert McLachlan
    A short version of an article by Robert McLachlan, "A gallery of constant-negative-curvature surfaces," (Mathematical Intelligencer, Fall 1994, 31-37) about "pseudospherical" surfaces, equally "saddle-shaped" at each point, extensively studied in the nineteenth century and now having a minor revival because of connections with integrable systems. The product of their two curvatures at each point is -1 everywhere, so in a sense they are the opposite (or hyperbolic counterpart) of an ordinary sphere. They can be covered by coordinates known as "Tchebyshev nets." more>>

  3. Graphics Archive - The Geometry Center
    General interest images of an artistic nature, or of general interest to the public, including fractals, digital art, etc.; Special Topics - images created during research projects at the Geometry Center; Video Productions - images from videos produced at the Geometry Center. Search the author index for a specific author or the title index for keywords. more>>

  4. Images and Mathematics (Mathematics Archives) - University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK)
    A large collection of images based on or related to mathematical principles, many purely mathematical abstractions, such as fractals; others of natural objects whose shape is explained by equations and mathematical models (for example, a drum vibrating). Animated Drumheads; Chaos Gallery; Fractals; Algorithmic Art; Numerical Analysis Art Gallery; Fluid Dynamics Project; Geometry Through Art; Knots on the Web; Minimal Surfaces; and links to many other sites specializing in math visualization. more>>

  5. matthen - Matthew Henderson
    "Things of interest in maths & science" created by a PhD candidate in Statistical Dialogue Systems who majored in mathematics as an undergraduate. Posts date back to March 2011, and routinely feature Henderson's original animated gifs: "Orbits around three equally sized planets arranged in an equilateral triangle," "Ranunculoid," "Opposite Cities," "Imagine a cat chasing a mouse," "If you released a ball on a merry-go-round....," "The Shepard scale is an audio illusion," "Visual proof which suggests that 1/4 + 1/16 + 1/64Ö = 1/3," "Imagine taking a globe which had just been painted....," "Draw some random points on a piece of paper and join them up....," "When designing a machine, it's better to mesh gears together whose numbers of teeth donít share a common factor," "Two touching identical circles have the same area as the negative space they create in a circumscribing larger circle," "Another interesting property of the logarithmic spiral is revealed if you roll it along a horizontal line," and "What would happen in a crowd evacuation in zero gravity?" and "Is it possible to hear the shape of a drum?" and "How can an ant gauge the area of a potential new nest site to see if it is appropriate for its colony?" and "What image is traced by a line moving according to the digits of π?" See also Henderson's online integrator, differentiator, graph plotter, and formula manipulator. more>>


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