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  1. Mathematica Courseware Catalog - Wolfram Research, Inc.
    Developed as a resource for the academic community, the Mathematica Courseware Catalog is an ever-growing and broad-ranging collection of course materials that make significant use of Mathematica. Search by keyword or browse by subject: see, in particular, Mathematics. more>>

  2. Mathematica in Higher Education - Wolfram Research
    Lessons, resources, books, and classroom packs for making Mathematica software an integral part of math education in university and college classrooms. Also features Mathematica versions geared and priced for students, as well as flexible academic purchase programs for institutions; and announcements of grants to help high school teachers develop computer-based classroom materials using Mathematica. Resources include a newsletter (MATHwire), The Mathematica Journal, a Graphics Gallery, and more. more>>

  3. Mathematica: Tour of Features - Wolfram Research, Inc.
    Pages that guide you through an interactive demonstration of some of Mathematica's capabilities. New features; using the program as a calculator; power computing; accessing algorithms; building up computations; handling data; visualization; Mathematica Notebooks; palettes and buttons; notation; Mathematica and your computing environment; as a programming language; writing programs; building systems; as a software component. With links to a Formula Gallery and a Graphics Gallery. more>>

  4. Will it rot my students' brains if they use Mathematica? - Theodore W. Gray and Jerry Glynn
    Excerpts from the introduction to The Beginner's Guide to Mathematica V4. Jerry: "I have young students who reach for their calculators to get the answer to 5×6. My response, when I see that, is to explain that such behavior is socially unacceptable, sort of like picking your nose. Many people will see this and think the student must be brain damaged. It's a social problem, not a mathematical one." Theo: "I agree that the problem lies with the other people more than with the students. The most profound engine of civilization is the inability of a larger and larger fraction of the population to do the basic things needed to survive. Many people fail to realize this." Jerry: "I don't understand that statement at all. It must be very significant...." more>>

  5. Wolfram Research, Inc.
    Wolfram is the maker of Mathematica, a software system for numeric and symbolic computation, data visualization, and programming; an interactive calculation tool and programming language to solve technical problems. Mathematica's electronic documents, called notebooks, organize text, computations, graphics, and animations for technical reports, courseware, presentations, or records of work. MathLink, Mathematica's communication protocol, exchanges information between Mathematica and other programs; MathReader is a viewer for notebook documents created with Mathematica. Products and store, including a form to request a fully functional, 15-day, save-disabled trial version; applications library featuring third-party front ends and packages; support and services; news and events; graphics gallery; Mathematica applied at work; tip of the week; Mathematica solutions in finance, engineering, the medical and life sciences, and education; visiting scholar grants; and Web tours of Mathematica features. more>>


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