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  1. Adult Numeracy Network (ANN)
    A community dedicated to high-quality mathematics instruction at the adult level. ANN conducts pre-conferences at the annual NCTM national meetings; publishes the Math Practitioner Newsletter; sponsors the Numeracy List, an adult electronic forum; and obtains funding to enable adult ed math teachers, learners, and other stakeholders to participate in a national planning project for system reform. List of Internet resources for adult numeracy. (Formerly the Adult Numeracy Practitioners Network.) more>>

  2. American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges (AMATYC)
    A service for members and other interested professionals to review and receive current information on AMATYC's programs and activities and the activities of affiliates. Conference information, Job listings, list of available publications, how to join the mailing list. more>>

  3. American Mathematical Society (AMS)
    e-MATH, the home of the AMS on the Web. A searchable site with information on members and activities, government affairs and education, publications and research tools, employment and careers, authors and reviewers, meetings and conferences, what's new in mathematics, and an online ordering and customer service center. Also at http://e-math.ams.org/. more>>

  4. American Statistical Association (ASA)
    A scientific and educational society founded in 1839 to foster excellence in the use and application of statistics to the biological, physical, social and economic sciences. The ASA publishes journals, conducts scientific conferences, fosters a continuing education program, and is active in bringing statistical education to elementary and secondary schools. See, among others, Census at School, an international classroom project that engages students in statistical problemsolving. more>>

  5. Center for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Education (CSMEE)
    The Center provides a single location for several significant programs in education, namely the Mathematical Sciences Education Board (MSEB), the Board on Engineering Education (BEEd), the Committee on Science Education K-12 (COSE K-12), and the Committee on Undergraduate Science Education (CUSE). more>>

  6. Combined Membership List - AMS, SIAM, MAA, AMATYC
    The searchable Combined Membership List (CML) includes the names and addresses of all persons who were members of the American Mathematical Society (AMS), Mathematical Association of America (MAA), Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), or American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) as of the last update. The CML is updated weekly; a link is provided for you to update your listing. more>>

  7. Conference Board of Mathematical Sciences (CBMS)
    The Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences is an umbrella organization consisting of sixteen professional societies all of which have as one of their primary objectives the increase or diffusion of knowledge in one or more of the mathematical sciences. CBSM facilitates understanding and cooperation among these national organizations so that they work together and support each other in their efforts to promote research, improve education, and expand the uses of mathematics. Published volumes in the CBMS Issues in Mathematics Education Series include The Mathematical Education of Teachers, Teaching Mathematics in Colleges and Universities: Case Studies for Today's Classroom, One Field, Many Paths: U.S. Doctoral Programs in Mathematics Education, Research in Collegiate Mathematics Education, Changing the Culture: Mathematics Education in the Research Community, and Mathematicians and Education Reform. Read profiles of member societies, announcements of NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conferences, and documentation of the November, 2001 National Summit on the Mathematical Education of Teachers: Meeting the Demand for High Quality Mathematics Education in America. more>>

  8. Equal Access to Software and Information (EASI)
    An affiliate of the Association for the Advancement of Higher Education dedicated to disseminating up-to-date information about providing equal access to computing and information technology for persons with disabilities. E-mail Workshops, on-site seminars on Adaptive Computing, and assistance in making information technology accessible with the use of state-of-the-art adaptive computing technology are available for universities, colleges, schools, businesses, and non-profit organizations. more>>

  9. Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
    The MAA's goal is to advance the mathematical sciences, especially at the collegiate level, through education, professional development, helping students, and public policy. Math information services include the American Mathematical Society's WWW virtual library and many more. more>>

  10. National Association of Mathematicians (NAM) - John Alexander, Jr., President
    An organization the main objectives of which are the promotion of excellence in the mathematical sciences and the promotion of the mathematical development of underrepresented American minorities. General information, and an Events Database including: People in the NEWS; Regional Faculty Conference on Research & Teaching Excellence; Undergraduate MathFest; Summer Institute in Computational Science; and a Programs and Activities Calendar. See also http://jewel.morgan.edu/~nam/ or http://www.caam.rice.edu/~nated/orgs/nam/. more>>

  11. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
    Founded in 1920 and now the largest mathematics education organization in the world, this nonprofit professional association headquartered in Reston, Virginia is composed of more than 120,000 teachers, educators, and other professionals. Its purpose is to improve mathematics education for all students in the United States and Canada. The NCTM has a large number of Committees devoted to education. more>>

  12. Scholarly Societies Project - Mathematics - University of Waterloo Electronic Library
    A subject page created by compilers at the University of Waterloo Library to facilitate access to websites maintained by or for more than 80 scholarly mathematics societies across the world: an alphabetical list by society name, followed by its acronym. The stability of each society's URL is rated. more>>

  13. Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
    SIAM was founded in 1951 to advance the application of mathematics to science and industry, promote mathematical research that could lead to effective new methods and techniques for science and industry, and to provide media for the exchange of information and ideas among mathematicians, engineers, and scientists. Journals, books, conferences, awards, and prizes. more>>


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