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  1. Cleave Books
    Teacher Resources on Line (TRoL) include downloadable grid paper; T-tiles; dictionary exercises; shapes Bingo; MisMaths, an annotated collection of innumeracy and other math mistakes in news headlines; fact sheets; tables; formulas; a mathematical vocabulary list; flow diagrams, which chart common arithmetic and geometric routines for keying into a calculator, step by step; a pi strip, which displays the first one thousand digits of π, designed for banner display; Ancient Egyptian, Russian Peasant, and Gelosia multiplication methods, as well as techniques that employ quarter squares, logarithms, and triangle numbers; names of mathematicians and the years they lived; and UK national lottery results (1994-2001). See also Calendar Models, for downloadable polyhedron nets to fold-and-glue or fold-and-tuck together year-long displays in three dimensions; word problems, silhouettes for tangrams and pentominoes, and dissection challenges (Pages of Puzzles); and the list of specialist calculators on line (SCoL). From the publishers of A Mathematics Formulary and hosts of the Dictionary of Units (DUoL).