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  1. AMS Bookstore - American Mathematical Society
    A searchable catalog of over thousands of books, videos, journals, software and gift items from the AMS and participating publishers. more>>

  2. In the Footsteps of Newton - Nancy Rodgers and Elizabeth Winters, Hanover College
    This documentary of, and by, Hanover College students follows their quest to retrace the life of Sir Isaac Newton, begining with his early life on the farm at Woolsthorpe Manor, to his student days in Grantham and academic life at Trinity College in Cambridge University, to his final years in London. Watch a trailer and find screenings of the movie, which stars undergraduates enrolled in Rodgers' math history class, as flimed by students enrolled in Winters' documentary production class, during Hanover's Study Abroad program. more>>

  3. Library Video Company
    Library Video Company offers a searchable, browseable catalog of video and CD-ROM products for mathematics instruction on the K-12 level, from addition to variables. This resource for primary and high school math educators looking for curriculum enhancers or standardized test preparation tools will also special order any video, CD-ROM, audiobook or DVD titles that teachers might need for use in their classroom if it is not in-stock. More than 450 in-stock math products can be shipped next day if ordered by phone, FAX or Web site by 3:00 p.m. EST.