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[Italics on this page indicate words you'd type into the keywords field on the searcher.]

For the power searcher, you can supply a keyword, or check a box, or both.

For extra help with choosing keywords, see Searching DOs and DON'Ts (below).

Keyword controls:

  1. If you select the button for:

    Find all keywords, in any order,
    you will get items that contain all your words, no matter what order they're in on the pages. Example: search for light speed with this button to find items about light speed, which might also appear as "speed of light." This button is the equivalent of the Boolean operator AND.

    at least one,
    you will get items that contain any of your words. Example: search for dynamical chaotic with this button to look up dynamical or chaotic systems, since a page about them may mention only one of these terms. This button is the equivalent of the Boolean operator OR. Of the first three buttons, this choice will return the most items.

    that exact phrase
    you will get items that contain all your words in the order you typed them. Example: natural number, where you're looking for pages that say "Mathematicians define a natural number as...," but not pages that mention "the natural flow of the river" and "the number of birds on the riverbank." Of these three buttons, this will result in the smallest number of items returned.

  2. If you select the button for:

    parts of words
    you will get any entry containing that string of letters. Example: logic will find logical, logician, topological, illogical, homological, and morphological, among others.

    whole words
    you will get precisely the word(s) for which you are searching.

  3. If you select the button for:

    case insensitive
    the searcher will return both capitalized and uncapitalized instances of your keywords.

    case sensitive
    the searcher will pay attention to the capitalization in your keywords. Example: an organization that goes by the acronym INPUT. If you don't remember that INPUT stands for Innovative Programs Using Technology, you might use this button to avoid getting lists of software and computer science sites in your returns.

Other controls:

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