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  1. Chemistry Spreadsheet Calculator - James T. Parker
    A calculator designed to help teach high school students how to balance chemistry equations and then perform basic stoichiometry calculations. Includes a short tutorial. more>>

  2. Hypermedia Textbook for Grades 6-12 (MathMol) - NYU/ACF Scientific Visualization Laboratory
    Designed for middle school students, but also useful for students of high school chemistry. Introductory concepts: mass, weight, volume, density, scientific notation, our 3-dimensional world, VRML, geometry quiz, the geometry of 2 and 3 dimensions, and mathematical equations. A Model of Matter: structure of an atom, bonding of atoms, and motion of molecules. Structure and Properties of Important Molecules: water and ice, the element, carbon, simple carbon compounds, molecules of life, materials, and drugs. Appendix of Structures: water and ice, carbon, hydrocarbons, lipids, DNA, amino acids, sugars, photosynthetic pigments, drugs, and math structures. <