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  1. A Brilliant Madness: The story of Nobel Prize winning mathematician John Nash - PBS
    "The story of a mathematical genius whose career was cut short by a descent into madness." Read a synopsis of the documentary, the film's transcript, primary sources such as John Nash's dissertation, his Nobel autobiography, and more. Based on the documentary, the teacher's guide provides suggestions for activities in civics, history, economics, and geography. Special features include an in-depth interview with Nash and game theory explained by Avinash Dixit: "What do NYPD Blue, soccer penalty kicks, union negotiators, OPEC, and crying children have in common?" The gallery features American Nobel Economists; the section People & Events includes the essay "Math and Science Achievement in the U.S." With a timeline and several other resources about mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and treatments such as insulin coma therapy. more>>

  2. Economic and Game Theory - David K. Levine, Department of Economics, UCLA
    A site that uses the tools of modern economic theory and game theory to explore how the interaction of intelligent goal-seeking individuals determines social outcomes. The site offers general interest material, undergraduate and graduate course material, and original research. Play interactive games; download papers in PDF format; or post questions and answers to the moderated Economic and Game Theory Forum. more>>

  3. Game Theory in the News - Mike Shor
    A regularly updated archive of news articles about game theory or probability. Hundreds of articles currently archived are indexed by mathematical theme or by area of application, including evolutionary biology, computer science, politics, and economics. more>>

  4. Game Theory, Linear/Non-Linear Programming - Math Forum
    Links to some of the best Internet resources for game theory and linear or non-linear programming: Web sites, software, Internet projects, publications, and public forums for discussion. more>>

  5. The International Journal of Game Theory - Dov E. Samet, Editor
    The electronic version of this journal offers abstracts of articles for a recent few years and information on subscribing to the journal and its mailing list, and how to submit articles. more>>

  6. Strategy and Conflict: An Introductory Sketch of Game Theory - Roger A. McCain
    Game theory is an interdisciplinary approach to studying human behavior that touches on computer science, social sciences, and behavioral sciences. Designed as a supplement to existing texts as a means of making the basic ideas a bit more accessible, this site introduces the role of game theory with respect to economics. Analyses of around 19 games and topics are presented (of a list of over 40 intended to be covered) from the Prisoners' Dilemma to the Essence of Bankruptcy. more>>


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