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  1. Advanced Geometry - Math Forum
    Links to some of the best Internet resources for advanced geometry: Web sites, software, Internet projects, publications, and public forums for discussion. more>>

  2. College-Level Geometry - Math Forum
    Links to some of the best Internet resources for college geometry: classroom materials, software, Internet projects, and public forums for discussion. more>>

  3. Geometry and the Imagination - Conway, Doyle, Gilman, Thurston; The Geometry Center
    A collection of handouts for a two-week summer workshop entitled 'Geometry and the Imagination', led by John Conway, Peter Doyle, Jane Gilman and Bill Thurston at the Geometry Center in Minneapolis, June 17-28, 1991. The workshop was based on a course taught twice before at Princeton. more>>

  4. The Geometry Center - University of Minnesota
    The Center for the Computation and Visualization of Geometric Structures: an NSF Science and Technology Research Center. The Center has a unified mathematics computing environment supporting math and computer science research, mathematical visualization, software development, application development, video animation production, and K-16 math education. Its searchable site offers: Current Projects; Interactive Web and Java Applications; Multimedia Documents; aGeometry Reference Archive; Downloadable Software; Video Productions; Course Materials; and the MnSCU/UM Distance Learning Initiative more>>

  5. Geometry - Dave Rusin; The Mathematical Atlas
    A short article designed to provide an introduction to geometry, including classical Euclidean geometry and synthetic (non-Euclidean) geometries; analytic geometry; incidence geometries (including projective planes); metric properties (lengths and angles); and combinatorial geometries such as those arising in finite group theory. Many results in this area are basic in either the sense of simple, or useful, or both. History; applications and related fields and subfields; textbooks, reference works, and tutorials; software and tables; other web sites with this focus. more>>

  6. Geometry Formulas and Facts - Silvio Levy; The Geometry Center
    Rewritten and updated excerpts from the 30th Edition of the CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulas. Covers all of geometry, minus differential geometry. Very complete collection of definitions, formulas, tables and diagrams, divided into two- and three- dimensional geometry, and further into 16 subdivisions such as transformations, polygons, coordinate systems, isometries, polyhedra and spheres. more>>

  7. The Geometry Junkyard - David Eppstein, Theory Group, ICS, Univ. of California at Irvine
    A collection of usenet clippings, web pointers, lecture notes, research excerpts, papers, abstracts, programs, problems, and other stuff related to discrete and computational geometry - some serious and much also entertaining. Junk sorted into piles (Topics): Circles and Spheres; Coloring; Combinatorial Geometry; Covering and Packing; Dissection; Fractals; Geometric Models; Geometric Topology; Hyperbolic Geometry; Knot Theory; Lattice Theory and Geometry of Numbers; Nearest Neighbors and Voronoi Diagrams; Origami; Polyhedra and Polytopes; Randomness and Geometric Probability; Rectilinear Geometry; Spirals; Symmetry and Group Theory; Tiling; Triangles and Simplices; Width, Diameter, and Geometric Inequalities; Planar Geometry; Three-dimensional Geometry; Many-dimensional Geometry; Open Problems; Lesson Plans and Teaching Materials; Software and Animations; Miscellanous. more>>

  8. Geometry (MathPages) - Kevin Brown
    "Informal notes" by Kevin Brown on geometry: constructing the heptadecagon, what mirrors do, the golden pentagon, the grazing goat and the lune, Napoleon's theorem, chess boards, Diophantine geodesic boxes, Zeno's mice and the logarithmic spiral, and many more. more>>


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