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  1. The Development of Group Theory - MacTutor Math History Archives
    Linked essay describing the rise and progress of group theory from the 18th through the 19th centuries, with references (books/articles). more>>

  2. GR Group Theory (Front for the Mathematics ArXiv) - Univ. of California, Davis
    Group Theory preprints, from the U.C. Davis front end for the xxx.lanl.gov e-Print archive, a major site for mathematics preprints that has incorporated many formerly independent specialist archives. Search by keyword or browse by topic. more>>

  3. Group Pub Forum - G. C. Smith
    The community pages for discussing any aspect of Group Theory, the mathematics of symmetry. Group Theory is a branch of algebra, but has strong connections with almost all parts of mathematics. Announcements, books and journals, conference information, archive of GPF email, mathematical resources, research announcements, and the Group Pub Forum Problem Book, where research problems submitted to the forum are stored. more>>

  4. Group Theory - Dave Rusin; The Mathematical Atlas
    A short article designed to provide an introduction to group theory. Group theory can be considered the study of symmetry: the collection of symmetries of some object preserving some of its structure forms a group; in some sense all groups arise this way. History, applications and related fields and subfields; textbooks, reference works, and tutorials; software and tables; other web sites with this focus. more>>

  5. An Introduction to Group Theory - Loren Pomeroy
    An online textbook/tutorial in elementary group theory. Group theory takes an abstract approach, dealing with many mathematical systems at once and requiring only that a mathematical system obey a few simple rules, seeking then to find properties common to all systems that obey these few rules. Contents include: What is Group Theory; Examples of Groups; Housekeeping Theorems; Cayley Tables; Subgroups; Cosets; Lagrange's Theorem; Cyclic Groups and Subgroups; and Permutations. From The Dog School of Mathematics. more>>


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