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  1. NEOS Guide (Network-Enabled Optimization System) - The Optimization Technology Center
    A thumbnail sketch, outlines of the major algorithms, and pointers to software packages on optimization and its various subdisciplines: integer programming, stochastic programming, network programming, bound constrained, non-linearly constrained, linear programming, nonlinear equations, nonlinear least squares, global optimization, and nondifferentiable optimization. The Optimization Software Guide, information on software packages from the book by Moré and Wright, updated for the NEOS Guide; FAQs on Linear and Nonlinear Programming; NEOS-News Mailing List; announcing new features on the NEOS Guide and NEOS Server; case studies, featuring the Diet Problem and the Simplex Tool; GIDEN, a Java-based graphical environment for network optimization; technical reports; test problems, including the netlib extended LP test set; applications; the NEOS Server, an OTC facility for optimizing technology remotely through the network; the Interior-Point Methods Online, which contains technical reports on Interior-Point Methods and other information about the field; and the metaNEOS project, for metacomputing environments for optimization.