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  1. How Things Work - Louis A. Bloomfield
    An archive of answers to physics questions sent by readers. "Think of this site as a radio call-in program that's being held on the WWW instead of the radio. If you ask how something works, using the button below, I'll try to provide an explanation. You'll find a more comprehensive discussion of many common objects in my book: How Things Work: the Physics of Everyday Life." Measuring temperature in a microwave oven; other measurement questions, and much more. more>>

  2. The Internet Pilot to Physics (TIPTOP) - IOP Publishing Ltd.
    Physics news, jobs, resources, events, and buyer's guide. From the publishers of the monthly periodical Physics World. more>>

  3. Motion Mountain Project - Christoph Schiller
    A mountain hike along the concepts of modern physics - a free physics textbook in English and Dutch, in PDF format, intended for anybody with an in-depth interest in physics and in nature. The aim is to write an exciting university-level textbook - if you knew nothing about physics, and had nothing but this book, you would get a complete tour of its most important ideas. In Part 1, How do things and images move? Classical physics, the description of hiking and other everyday motion leads the authors to introduce for its description the concepts of time, length, mass, charge, field, manifold, and lagrangian, which allow us to understand among other things why we have legs instead of wheels, and why we can see the stars. With related links and other physics textbooks on the Web. more>>

  4. The Nobel Prize in Physics Educational - The Nobel Foundation
    Step through explanations of physics concepts, some with Flash activities: explore hidden worlds with microscopes (as developed by laureates Zernike, Ruska, Binnig and Rohrer), look into the interior of matter (from Chadwick to van der Meer), and take tours of semiconductor physics, the quantised world, vacuum tubes, the discovery of electrons, and the theory of special relativity. Also, play games that teach about liquid crystals (Pierre-Gilles de Gennes), lasers, integrated circuits (Kilby), and transistors (Shockley, Bardeen, and Brattain). With illustrated answers to common physics questions: How does E = mc2 give the answer? X-rays, what are they (Röntgen)? What are accelerators? How is the world of particles studied? more>>

  5. Physics 109N: Galileo and Einstein - Michael Fowler; Dept. of Physics, University of Virginia
    A course that explores two revolutions in our perception of the universe. The first, in which Galileo played the leading role, was the realization that what we see in the heavens - the moon, the planets, the sun and stars - are physical objects. The second revolution was Einstein's realization that space and time are not as straightforward as they first appear, but are related to each other in a simple but unexpected way and mass and energy are different aspects of the same thing. Notes on Counting in Babylon; early Greek science, astronomy, and mathematics; Brahe, Kepler, and Newton; special relativity; Flash and Java applets; and more. These pages are also at http://galileoandeinstein.physics.virginia.edu/. more>>

  6. Physics (MathPages) - Kevin Brown
    More than 60 "informal notes" by Kevin Brown on mathematical physics: Doppler for sound and light, optical rays in heterogeneous media, radial orbitgs in Schwarzschild geometry, the formation and growth of black holes, can Schrodinger's cat factor numbers?, consider a spherical ladder, relativistic appearance of the night sky, and many more. more>>


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