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  1. Exploratorium's Science of Baseball - The Exploratorium
    Interactive (Shockwave) exhibits from San Francisco's science museum include Fastball Reaction Time (can you hit a 90-mph fastball?) and Scientific Slugger (see what makes a home run: vary the angle of the ball, bat speed, and pitch speed, then watch the distance the ball travels). Articles include "Take Me Out to the Besuboru Game," about baseball in Japan; and "Biological Baseball," which offers some facts and reflections on human reflexes, reaction time, and decision-making. Activities include: Thrown for a Curve (learn how to throw a curveball, screwball, or slider); Finding the Sweet Spot (of a baseball bat); Bouncing Balls (how high?); Handle Forces (get a grip!); and Basketball (about the bounce of the ball). "How Far Can You Hit One?" examines the influence of atmospheric conditions, particularly wind, on fly balls. Read "The Girls of Summer" tour to learn about the first professional female ballplayers. "Putting Something on the Ball" discusses the physics of pitching, especially the phenomenon of transfer of momentum. With a "time machine" on the history of the national pastime, animations, video and audio (RealMedia) clips, and a bibliography. Project participants include Louisville Slugger, the National Baseball Hall of Fame, the Oakland A's, the San Francisco Giants, and Total Baseball.