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  1. Exploratorium's Science of Baseball - The Exploratorium
    Interactive (Shockwave) exhibits from San Francisco's science museum include Fastball Reaction Time (can you hit a 90-mph fastball?) and Scientific Slugger (see what makes a home run: vary the angle of the ball, bat speed, and pitch speed, then watch the distance the ball travels). Articles include "Take Me Out to the Besuboru Game," about baseball in Japan; and "Biological Baseball," which offers some facts and reflections on human reflexes, reaction time, and decision-making. Activities include: Thrown for a Curve (learn how to throw a curveball, screwball, or slider); Finding the Sweet Spot (of a baseball bat); Bouncing Balls (how high?); Handle Forces (get a grip!); and Basketball (about the bounce of the ball). "How Far Can You Hit One?" examines the influence of atmospheric conditions, particularly wind, on fly balls. Read "The Girls of Summer" tour to learn about the first professional female ballplayers. "Putting Something on the Ball" discusses the physics of pitching, especially the phenomenon of transfer of momentum. With a "time machine" on the history of the national pastime, animations, video and audio (RealMedia) clips, and a bibliography. Project participants include Louisville Slugger, the National Baseball Hall of Fame, the Oakland A's, the San Francisco Giants, and Total Baseball. more>>

  2. Harvard Sports Analysis Collective
    Dedicated to the quantitative analysis of sports strategy and management, this Harvard student organization focuses on the intersection of sports, sports business, statistics, and problem solving. Original analysis and research into sports analytics authored by the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective (HSAC) and its members have included "Predicting Overtime with the Pythagorean Formula," "Dynamics of a Pitched Baseball," "The Mathematics of H-O-R-S-E," and "Up Three, Under Seven: The Most Hotly Debated Endgame Scenario." Posts on the blog, which dates back to 2009, have included "Strikeouts and the Anna Karenina Principle," "The NFL Wedge Ban's Effect on Kick Returns," and "Tony Sparano: Not One For Counting or Brilliant Mathematican?" more>>

  3. The Physics of Baseball - Alan Nathan
    Read about the benefits (or not) of corked bats, the differences between aluminum and wood bats, the issues involved with characterizing the performance of bats from a physics point of view, and a description of the collision between a wooden bat and ball. Watch a 50-minute Windows Media Player video of Nathan's talk on the physics of baseball. With links to other sites examining the science of baseball: acoustics, sweet spots, safety, aerodynamics and pitches, dampening out vibrations in aluminum baseball bats, "juiced" baseballs, baseball technology, composite (Baum) bats, batspeed, batting and thinking, NCAA bat standards, and more. more>>


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