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Author:American Library Association (ALA)
Description: ICONnect offers free online courses for different levels of ability in using the Internet. IBASICS covers the basic tools for using the Internet: e-mail, listservs, gopher, telnet, WWW, ftp and newsgroups. Advanced online courses offer skills to navigate the World Wide Web, use search engines effectively, develop content for your homepage, explore telecollaborative activities and interactive technologies, grapple with issues raised by Internet use in the classroom, investigate technology's effect on the role of the school library media specialist, address the topic of parents and children learning together on the Internet, examine information literacy and the Internet, and integrate Internet resources into the elementary curriculum. Designed specifically for school library media specialists, teachers and students, all ICONnect online courses have curriculum threads woven in for course takers to follow. Schedules and registration instructions.

Languages: English
Resource Types: Internet-Based Projects, Internet Reference Material, Professional Associations/Societies
Math Ed Topics: Computers, The Web and Pedagogy, Staff/Prof Development, Workshops/Inservice/Training

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