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Visit this site: http://www.bio.brandeis.edu/biomath/menu.html

Author:Brandeis University
Description: In contemporary biology there are many areas which depend heavily on rather advanced mathematics. This site demonstrates a few of these through Shockwave, Java, and JavaScript explorations. Dixon's Population Pages (exponential growth, nonlinear terms and outbreaks, nonlinear terms and chaos, matrix models, and an elaborate simulation of evolution). Background Mathematical: Visual and Interactive Calculus Primer (derivatives and extrema); Using a DE to approximate the future; Magnification approach to tangent planes; diffusion simulation, gradient. Also a mathematical look at a synaptic junction; Mathematics and the Genome; and Math/Physics tutorial software.

Levels: College
Languages: English
Resource Types: Tutorials, Instructional Packages/Games, Web Interactive/Java
Math Topics: Matrices, Vectors, Differential Equations, Chaos, Nonlinear Dynamics, Biology, Physics

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