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Reactions to NCTM's Principles and Standards for School Mathematics: Discussion Draft

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Author:University of Maryland
Description: Math education graduate students' reactions to the NCTM's Standards 2000 draft. Each paper is accompanied by a brief abstract summarizing the content of the longer paper, which either takes exception to something written in the draft, develops a strong argument to bolster some position taken in the draft, or implores the NCTM to consider something not addressed by the Standards 2000 draft. Titles include The Importance of Incorporating the History of Mathematics Into the Standards 2000 Draft and the Overall Mathematics Curriculum; Inclusion of Students with Special Needs in the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics; Achieving Equity in the Classroom: Implications for Standards 2000; The Fifth Process Standard: An Argument to Include Representation in Standards 2000; Discrete Mathematics: The Missing Standard Pre-K-12; Connecting Operation Concepts Across the Pre-K-8 Grade Bands; Transition to a Standards 2000 Classroom Through the Problem Solving and Communication Standards; and The Use of Graphing Calculators in Middle School and High School Mathematics: Where is Their Place in the Standards and Why.

Languages: English
Math Ed Topics: Math Ed Research/Reform, Reform, Standards, NCTM Standards

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