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Visit this site: http://www-sccm.stanford.edu/FoCM/

Description: The FoCM's primary aim is to further the understanding of the deep relationships between mathematical analysis, topology, geometry and algebra and the computational process as they are evolving together with the modern computer. The meetings are unified around the study of the mathematical algorithm, itself, via either the analysis of a particular algorithm, the comparison of classes of algorithms or the discovery of an appropriate class of algorithms for the solution of problems of practical or mathematical origin. Records of annual conferences include panel discussion running records, and pages of speakers and workshops linked to downloads of papers presented or their abstracts. Useful links list mathematical organisations, journals and interesting publications, mathematical research centres, sundry mathematical information, and scientific publishers.

Levels: College, Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Link Listings, Research Centers, Preprints
Math Topics: Analysis, Complex Analysis, Geometry, Numerical Analysis, Topology, Computer Science, Computer Algebra

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