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Visit this site: http://www-gse.berkeley.edu/research.html

Author:Graduate School of Education, University of California, Berkeley
Description: Projects include Berkeley Math Readiness, Boxer Computer Environment; Cross-Cultural Math Project; Early Development of Mathematical Cognition in Socioeconomic and Cultural Contexts; The Functions Group; The IERI Scale-Up Project; Inscription-Rich, Computer-Mediated Instructional Materials for English Language Learners in Mathematics; Modeling, Developing, and Assessing Scientific Inquiry Skills Using a Computer-Based Inquiry Support Environment; The Patterns Project; Reforming Education through Science and Design; Technology-Enhanced Learning in Science (TELS); Web-based Integrated Science Environment (WISE); and What are the "Developmental Needs" of Children Learning Science? See also a list of Berkeley's Centers, such as Diversity in Mathematics Education (DiME): Partnership with Berkeley Schools.

Languages: English
Resource Types: Research Centers
Math Ed Topics: Technology in Math Ed, Math Ed Research/Reform, Pedagogical Research, Psychological Research

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