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Calculus: Difference Equations to Differential Equations

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Visit this site: http://math.furman.edu/~dcs/book/

Author:Dan Sloughter; Furman University
Description: A calculus textbook in postscript and PDF formats, with Java applets for: Sequences, limits, and difference equations (area of a circle; tangent line for a parabola; inhibited population growth); Functions and their properties (square wave approximation; sound wave approximation); Best affine approximations (affine approximations; Newton's method); Quadrature: numerical integration rules; cumulative area; change of variable); Polynomial approximations and Taylor series (Taylor polynomials); The complex plane (projectile motion); Differential equations (Euler's method; Phase plane for a pendulum).

Levels: College
Languages: English
Resource Types: Textbooks, Web Interactive/Java
Math Topics: Calculus (Single Variable), Calculus (Multivariable), Differential Equations

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