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Author:Matthew J. Saltzman
Description: A study guide for basic math courses, titled "How to Survive Your College Math Class (and Take Home Something of Value)," includes sections on study skills, reading and understanding mathematics (featuring "An Equation is a Sentence," "Deriving Conditions of Equality," and "Assertion and Proof"), and writing mathematics and solving problems. This guide, as well as a quick review of basic set theory, a list of equivalences and inference rules, and "Investigating Secant Lines with the TI-82," are PDF files. Assessments and other materials from Saltzman's classes in linear programming.

Levels: High School (9-12), College, Early College, First-Year College, Second-Year College, Late College, Third-Year College, Fourth-Year College
Languages: English
Resource Types: Course Notes, Syllabi, Departments
Math Topics: Set Theory, Linear Programming
Math Ed Topics: Writing/Communication in Math

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