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Author:Benoît Leblanc and Frédéric Raynal
Description: A group of researchers studying the application of fractal techniques to complex systems, especially signal processing. Introduction to the theoretical aspects of fractal analysis; genetic algorithms; introduction to time-scale analysis, in French; applications, including image processing, speech modeling, and traffic analysis; list of possible post-doctoral projects, in French. Abstracts of related articles are available, and full versions may be downloaded in gzipped PostScript format; tables of contents of recent books may also be seen. Software includes FracLab, a Matlab toolbox for signal processing through fractal analysis, Algon, a C software library for genetic algorithms, Xalpha, software for experimenting with multifractal exponents in grayscale images (for SunOS and Dec Mips), EASEA (for EAsy Specification of Evolutionary Algorithms), a high-level programming language devoted to evolutionary algorithms, which may be downloaded in gzipped tar format, and a Java applet to create Iterated Function System images.

Levels: Research
Languages: English, French
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Math Topics: Algorithms, Chaos, Fractals, Computer Science

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