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The Published Data of Robert Munafo

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Author:Robert Munafo
Description: Mathematical data includes Mu-Ency, The Encyclopedia of the Mandelbrot Set (History, Exploring, Area, Algorithms, Naming, etc), properties of specific numbers, such as 2.68542 . . . and 143, and very large numbers and ways to write them. Programs include the source code for ries, a program for Linux and most C compilers that will find possible equations whose solution is a given number, Perl scripts for a calculator that deals with very large numbers and a Turing machine simulator, and C code to express the Riemann zeta function as music.

Levels: High School (9-12), Early College
Languages: English
Resource Types: Audio, Calculators, Archives/Download Sites
Math Topics: Equations, Number Sense/About Numbers, Fractals, Analytic Number Theory, Music, Computer Science

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