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Visit this site: http://dept.physics.upenn.edu/courses/gladney/mathphys/Contents.html

Author:Dept. of Physics, University of Pennsylvania
Description: An online interdisciplinary hypertext course in chemistry, mathematics, and physics. Math as a Second Language: Working with Maple, One-Dimensional Motion, Introduction to Chemistry, The Most Useful Functions for Science (exponentials, trigonometric functions, parametric equations). Gallery of art produced by Maple and PFP students. Describing How Things Change: The Derivative, Growth of Populations, The Force. Conserving Equations: More on derivative and differential equations, Force Revisited, Newton's Laws in Action, Derivatives and Chemistry, Second-order differential equations, Chaotic systems. Completing the Circle: Energy Redux, Motion in Two Dimensions, Circular Motion, Gravitational Force, The Electric and Magnetic Fields.

Levels: College
Languages: English
Resource Types: Courses, Textbooks
Math Topics: Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, Art, Chemistry, Physics
Math Ed Topics: Interdisciplinary/Thematic Studies

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