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Author:Jerry Grossman
Description: Paul Erdos wrote hundreds of mathematical research papers in many different areas, many in collaboration with others. His Erdos number is 0. Erdos's co-authors have Erdos number 1. People other than Erdos who have written a joint paper with someone with Erdos number 1 but not with Erdos have Erdos number 2, and so on. The Erdos Number Project is for those interested in the issue of collaboration in mathematical research. It contains primary data of several lists of certain co-author relationships, which may provide fun, as well as a vehicle for more serious studies of the dynamics involved and a "real-life" fairly large acquaintanceship graph for combinatorialists to study. The project's site also provides text files of Erdos0, Erdos1, Erdos2, and ErdosA, an alphabetical list of all people with Erdös number less than or equal to 2; general information about Erdos' life; and references and links to research papers about mathematical collaboration. Also, related diversions, such as the Oracle of Bacon (also known as "Six Degrees of Separation," or "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon"); and trivia involving the baseball home run hitter Hank Aaron, and movies such as Good Will Hunting.

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