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Author:Research Council on Mathematics Learning
Description: The Research Council on Mathematics Learning (RCML) seeks to stimulate, generate, coordinate, and disseminate research efforts designed to understand and/or influence factors that affect mathematics learning. Formerly the Research Council for Diagnostic and Prescriptive Mathematics, RCML invites participation from mathematics educators, mathematics specialists, special educators, curriculum supervisors, psychologists, school counselors, classroom teachers -- anyone concerned with effective mathematics instruction. Members work together in collaborative research focused on solving difficulties that student encounter in learning mathematics. See tables of contents of archives of the journal FOCUS, an interdisciplinary journal with the objective of making available the current research, methods of identification, diagnosis, and remediation of learning problems in mathematics. Become a member of RCML; also, read about RCML history, conferences and their minutes, the Wilson Memorial Lecture in mathematics education research, and "musings," a column that attempts to stimulate ongoing professional dialogue that may revisit research, provide opportunities to discuss informal observations of students doing mathematics, or reflect on discourse that takes place during mathematics instruction.

Levels: Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Professional Associations/Societies, Journals
Math Ed Topics: Conferences, Math Ed Research/Reform

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