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Author:Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
Description: PISA is a survey of the skills and knowledge of students around the world as they approach the end of compulsory education. Beginning in 1999, the survey looks at how well prepared these students are for life beyond school, and aims to create a basic profile of knowledge and skills among students at the end of compulsory schooling; contextual indicators relating results to student and school characteristics; and trend indicators showing how results change over time. Read PISA's definition of mathematical literacy; see the organization of the survey into mathematical competencies, mathematical big ideas, mathematical curricular strands, and situations and contexts; read about the nature of the assessment tasks, the mathematical context of the tasks, the task format, and the process of developing the tasks; and read about the assessment's organization into competency classes, and its scales of achievement.

Levels: Tenth Grade
Languages: English
Resource Types: Professional Associations/Societies
Math Ed Topics: Assessment/Testing, Public Understanding of Math

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