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Visit this site: http://www.physik.th-darmstadt.de/nlp/

Author:Technical University, Darmstadt, Germany
Description: A research group whose research areas include sonoluminescence, levitated drops, and acoustic and optically induced cavitation (view MPEG movies of bubbles!) A Java applet, Non-linear Dynamics Online, provides visualizations of data sets: you may use FTP to upload your own data. Site also contains a publications list (selected publications are available online, or for download in PDF or PostScript formats). Some software for nonlinear analysis may be downloaded, and the site links to the homepage for NLyzer, a graphical editor for nonlinear modelling. (Much of the documentation for NLyzer is only available in German.)

Levels: Research
Languages: English, German
Resource Types: Video, Articles, Archives/Download Sites, Manuals/How-To's, Web Interactive/Java
Math Topics: Nonlinear Dynamics, Physics

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