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Author:Ivars Peterson - Science News Online
Description: Deep Blue's triumph over Gary Kasparov in May of 1997 marked the first match victory by a chess-playing computer over a reigning world champion. Some of the world's top computer programs are also playing backgammon, bridge, checkers, chess, Go, Othello, and Scrabble. In the early days of computer chess, some researchers attempted to mimic the way humans play the game, building in pattern recognition, invoking various rules of thumb, and developing criteria for selecting which moves to consider while discarding the rest. However, the programmers found it extremely difficult to furnish the computer with enough knowledge to avoid making major mistakes. The alternative that proved much more powerful was the brute-force search - simply checking out all the moves. But backgammon software incorporates a model brain - an artificial neural network - that allows the program to learn the game from scratch...

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