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Museum of the History of Science

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Visit this site: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk

Author:Oxford University, U.K.
Description: The Museum houses a collection of historic scientific instruments in the Old Ashmolean on Broad Street, Oxford, covering almost all aspects of the history of science, from antiquity to the early twentieth century. Particular strengths include the collections of astrolabes, sundials, quadrants, early mathematical instruments generally (including those used for surveying, drawing, calculating, astronomy and navigation) and optical instruments (including microscopes, telescopes and cameras), together with the apparatus associated with chemistry, natural philosophy and medicine. A reference library includes manuscripts, incunabula, prints, printed ephemera, and early photographic material. There are also a catalogue of publications; on-line exhibitions, such as Compass and Rule, about architecture as mathematical practice in England between 1500-1750; a library; a bookstall; and an archive of back issues of Sphaera, the museum's newsletter.

Levels: College, Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Museums, Publications, Newsletters
Math Topics: History and Biography, Philosophy, Architecture, Engineering, Medicine/Health, Astronomy, Chemistry

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