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Practical Foundations of Mathematics

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Author:Paul Taylor
Description: The full text (online, in HTML) of the book (some diagrams may be missing), published by Cambridge University Press in March, 1999 as number 59 in their series Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics. Practical Foundations collects the methods of construction of the objects of twentieth-century mathematics. Although it is mainly concerned with a framework essentially equivalent to intuitionistic ZF, the book looks forward to more subtle bases in categorical type theory and the machine representation of mathematics. Each idea is illustrated by wide-ranging examples, and followed critically along its natural path, transcending disciplinary boundaries between universal algebra, type theory, category theory, set theory, sheaf theory, topology, and programming. For other publications by Taylor, see his home page.

Levels: College, Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Articles, Books
Math Topics: Category Theory/Homological Algebra

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