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Copyu - Equation and Data Plotting

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Visit this site: http://www.octpen.demon.co.uk/coypu/

Author:October Pen Educational Software
Description: Coypu is an equation and data plotter designed to encourage exploration of data and to develop interpretation skills. Coypu plots Cartesian, polar and parametric equations; produces scattergrams and simple line graphs from data files; allows combinations of graphs; and prints graphs, exports them to word processors, and imports data from spreadsheets and databases. Download a free demo; order online. Further information includes example screen shots, data handling features, and a comparison of Coypu vs. spreadsheets and graphic calculators. For Acorn RISC-OS machines (Archimedes, etc.) and Microsoft Windows (3.1 or '95).

Levels: Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12)
Languages: English
Resource Types: Topic Tools Miscellaneous
Math Topics: Graphing Equations, Graphing of Functions, Graphing of Data

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