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Author:Lawrence Spector; Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY
Description: Trigonometry from the very beginning, for anyone who needs help or a review of trigonometry. Topics include: Ratio and Proportion; Radicals: Rational and Irrational Numbers; The Pythagorean Theorem; The Definitions of the Trigonometric Functions (Ratios); Trigonometry of Right Triangles; The Isosceles Right Triangle; The 30-60-90-degree Triangle; Solving Right Triangles; The Law of Sines; The Law of Cosines; The Circle; Evaluating pi; Measurement of Angles; Radian Measure; Arclength; Analytic Trigonometry: The Unit Circle; Functions of a General Angle; and Line Values.

Levels: High School (9-12)
Languages: English
Resource Types: Tutorials
Math Topics: Trigonometry

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